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All the cattle at Arethusa Farm are fed Performance Microbials. The product line improves digestive health by replenishing good bacteria, which leads to more efficient feed utilization. Increased fiber digestion and milk production are other benefits we appreciate. With Performance, our cattle maintain aggressive appetites that can allow them to adjust to stressful periods more easily, such as traveling to sales and shows. Performance Microbials are a cost-efficient way to improve the health of your herd.
At Wilson Whitetails we have been feeding the Performance Probiotics Direct-Fed Microbials daily for a year now. By adding the DFM to our daily regimen, we are seeing an overall healthier, stronger herd. Less disease and illness saves us time, money and heartache. We also use the Performance Probiotics Healthy Fawn Milk Supplement. Healthy Fawn delivers probiotics, vitamins and minerals to our bottle fed fawns.

This year we decided to use the Performance Double Shot Fawn Gel on all of our newly born fawns. I am pleased to say our fawns look better than ever! We have not had to treat our fawns for any diseases; which has been an issue in the past.

We take great pride in the research and investigation that goes into our deer breeding operation. We believe the Performance products are a vital component to our herd’s success. The products are easy to use, safe, all natural, and affordable. They offer consistent quality in their line of products, the staff offers personal service, and is always helpful.

The dairy herd has maintained high dry matter intake and production. Fresh cows start quickly and cow health has been exceptional. That’s PRICELESS.

We have fed Performance to our herd for almost two years. Four days after we started feeding, our herd jumped four pounds per cow with no other feed changes. We use the gel tubes on cows that go off feed and the combination of products have helped us achieve virtually no DA’s. Calves do very well on the calf product as well. I highly recommend Performance Probiotics to everyone.
We have used Performance’s products for many years, and have been very happy with the line of products, from the gel tubes to the DFM powder. Performance’s products have always given us great results.

We feed Performance to our cattle to help maximize intake and digestibility by maintaining excellent rumen health.
I have used Performance’s Microbials for years. I have not had any colic episodes all the years I’ve used Performance’s Microbials, I feed fewer supplements and get better results. The microbials are a must to keep the system in balance while feeding antibiotics. I highly recommend Performance Probiotics Microbials.

We are starting our 11th year with Performance. It is economically priced and helps out cows utilize their feed more efficiently. Performance’s products keep our show-ladies in championship form while helping to enhance our herd’s production, components and profitability.
We switched to Performance’s products two years ago and have had great results! The cows appear to be more aggressive and maintain healthier appetites at home and at the shows.

Here at Allyndale Holsteins, we specialize in developing, exhibiting, and merchandizing show cattle. Getting these cattle onto our program as quickly as possible is very important to us. That’s where Performance’s products come in as a key ingredient in our program. Performance’s products get our cattle on feed quickly and helps us turn them into winners.

"By adding the DFM to our daily regimen, we are seeing an overall healthier, stronger herd."
- Wilson Whitetails